Mermaid process

Hi everyone, for my first blog post I wanted to show a bit of my processes. I used cel-vinyl paint which is an acrylic type of paint but instead of having a glossy finish like regular acrylic paint it dries opaque. I used bristol board and blue tape to protect my paper and have nice edge to my piece for framing puposes.


Women`s March free postcard

I made a postcard for you guys to send to your Senators and express your concerns or share why did you march. It is free to download. Just click on the link below, download, cut the doted line, fold and glue. You can also use it as an invitation to friends and family to join the causes. Hope you like it.



Boudica a real heroine



This is the story of a woman who changed history by doing the unimaginable. Boudica was a Iceni Queen married to King Prasutagus whom she had two daughters. King Prasutagus died or was killed leaving Boudica and his young daughters in charge of his kingdom.

The Iceni kingdom covers what is knows today as Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and northern Suffolk in England. As it is expected  very little is known about their history at least their side of the story since most of their history was written by the Romans which  at that time had England divided and were brutally abusing them.

When the Romans heard of the death of  King Prasutagus they wrongly decided to take over their territory, when Boudica protested against them she was publicly flogged, humiliated and had her daughters raped. After humiliating the Queen and her family the Romans assumed they had set an example and taught the people a lesson, what they did not know was that they were about to learn an even bigger one.

Boudica persuaded the people from Iceni and the neighboring tribes to join her and defeat the Romans, take their land and freedom back. It is believed that she assemble an army of over 120,000 Britons and together they were going to take their land back.

Their first victim was Colchester, where they were victorious and burned and sack the town clean. Their next target was London, even though the Romans heard of what Boudica and her army had just accomplished they sent a small calvary unit to protect London. They assumed that since they had a woman as  leader  they represented no threat at all. Little did they know Boudica`s army sacked and killed everyone they found in London, to later burn it all to the ground. It was until London was completely destroyed and only ashes remained of it when the Romans and their well-trained army decided to step in.

There was a final battle after Boudica and her army kept destroying towns on her way north. It is believed that this famous battle happened somewhere in the West Midlands. Boudica was confident that just as before she was going to be victorious, so she invited her men to bring their families and watch them win the battle. The battle did not go as expected the Romans were far more experienced, were better armed and shield, where the Britons were used to fighting with big weapons and wore no shields what so ever. This was a close range fight and there was no space for swinging huge swords against their enemy and the Romans with smaller weapons and falling javelins from the sky were finally victorious.

It is believed that Boudica poisoned herself and her daughters after their loss, since she would rather die at her own hands than be taken by the Romans.

Even thought Boudica did not win the last battle she became a heroine, her actions for ever changed the perception of the Romans about the Britons, they were no longer week , they now knew they were strong and willing to die for their land. And for the Britons she gave them the confidence to fight for their freedom.

As a side note I would like to explain why I chose to talk about her. She was incredibly brutal and bloody which is something I am not too fund of. But the reality is that she is a true warrior and she had the courage to not only avenge her daughters but fight for her people and truly believed in her cause which at the end was one of freedom and peace. She was incredibly strong and most have been incredibly passionate to have so many people follow her. I wanted to portray that since we are used to thinking of a female warrior as an incredibly sexualized  young woman who rides a horse with little clothes and high heel boots and serves more as a visual enhancer than an actual warrior. Boudica had to be at least 40 years old when she began the battle and rode next to strong men dressed in a tunic and cloak with her bright red hair ready to fight and die for her people.

Here is the processes of how she was painted. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Sally Rise



Sally Rise

(May 26, 1951 – July 23, 2012)

Sally Rise was the first American woman to go to space. Sally was born and raised  in Encino, California. From a young age Sally showed interest in non traditionally female subjects for that time, such as science and sports. She attended Stanford University where she doble majored in Physics and English and later received a Ph.D specializing in X-rays.

She was chosen to join Nasa in 1978 and in June 18,1983 she became the first American female astronaut to travel to space onboard of the Space Shuttle Challenger STS-5. During her time at NASA she traveled to space twice and worked in numerous projects  and investigations such as the development of the space shuttle`s “Canadarm” robotic arm.

After NASA Sally worked at Stanford University Center for International Security and Arms Control. She later on became a physics professor at the University of San Diego. She also became and advocate for women and develop a science program for girls. Sally was added to the Astronaut Hall of Fame in 2003.

The idea a woman going to space was completely new and revolutionary at the time and unfortunately she had to face lots of media sexist bulling. Sally was a very private person, after her death, it was made public that she was the first LGBT astronaut and her partner for nearly 3 decades  Tam O`Shaughnessy has kept Sally`s legacy alive.

Sally was a brilliant and strong woman, she was a pioneer of her time. She followed her dreams and ideals to space and back and made history while doing it. I believe that going to space is only one of the amazing things Sally did and today we should honor her legacy.

Cleopatra “Queen of Kings”


69 B.C. – 30 B.C

The story of Cleopatra is one covered in mystery and myth which makes it hard to pin point exactly who she was, some of the things we know for certain is that she was powerful, strong and incredibly smart.

Cleopatra was a prominent ruler of Egypt for almost three decades. Even thought she was Egypt`s pharaoh she was not Egyptian she was Greek. She started to co-rule with her father and siblings at the age of 14 and by the time she was 18 her dad  died and she refused to share her throne with her brothers which she was married too and later on ended killing.

She was very smart and well educated and spoke several languages which gave her a great advantage in politics. It is believed that her intelligence and charm made her irresistible to men such as Julius Cesar who she became lovers with and had a child. She later married Mark Anthony and 3 children with him 2 were twins. Because of this and the believe that she had great looks she was believed to “Rule the men that ruled the world”.

Cleopatra and Antony combined armies to try to defeat Octavian in a attempt to make her first son Cesarion son of Cesar the ruler of Rome. They lost the battle and flee to Egypt where it is believed that Cleopatra and Anthony  committed suicide. There are many stories to how she really died some say she was murdered by poisoning and the  most common and one and full of folklore is the one where she committed suicide by a snake bite.

Cleopatra`s story is one that has captivated people for hundreds of years, she has inspired many stories, plays and movies.


Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart was the first female pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. She was the 16th american woman to receive a license to fly. She believed in female equality and was brave and adventurous. She was born July 24, 1897 in Kansas. In her youth she worked as a nurse and had to go though many struggles to become the legend she is today. She disappeared in 1937 while flying the Pacific Ocean.

Here is the step by step to the creation of Amelia Earhart piece. I hope you enjoy it.

Carousel Process

This piece is based on my love for Disneyland in this case I find King Arthur`s Carousel, it is so pretty that I decided to capture it with paper.

In this post I want to show a little bit of how I work with paper and all the planning and layers that goes with it. I hope you find it interesting. Please feel free to ask any questions.